Bhutan Luxury Tour

Bhutan Luxury Tours

Competing and able to raise it to international standard, these luxury hotels cater to every need from internet services to inter-continental food items. Bhutan Luxury Tour offers the clients the best time to experience the facilities and service delivery of these luxury hotels. At the same time the clients can take an inner journey of these luxurious infrastructures and receive an appealing mood.

Visitors can have access to facilities like swimming, hot-baths and room heaters called the ‘Bukharis.’ Clients can feel at home and get peace.

In this luxury tours, we will be using the hotels like Aman Bhutan, Zhiwaling in Paro, Uma Paro & Uma Punakha, Tashi Taj Hotel in Thimhu, Termalinca in Thimphu and Le Meridian in Paro and Thimphu.

Our company have good relationship with all the luxury hotels in Bhutan. So send us your requirements and we will accordingly arrange for your luxury tour in Bhutan.