Authentic Bhutan Tours operates our tour business with flexibility, tailor made and customized tours that fulfills the hopes and aspirations of our every guests. Bhutan Small Group Tours is one of the best options for a tour that focuses heavily on local culture, can easily meet your needs with a personal touch, and makes it easier to have a personal relationship with your tour guides and people you meet

We design our escorted tours specifically for small groups, which allow us to move about more flexibly and efficiently; providing the best possible Bhutan experiences with a degree of freedom and independence to all our guests. Our guests can always change the tour even after arrival to Bhutan, can ask and discuss anything that they would like to experience and explore while they are in Bhutan. We create and operate our own tours that suit and match to our client’s needs and requirements, with high quality and outstanding services.

With our small group tour policy, you have more opportunity to experience and explore the major sightseeing places, Bhutanese traditional farmhouses, traditional villages, visiting schools, off the beaten path, so on and so forth. This all brings your tour alive and unforgettable in a truly personal and meaningful way.

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