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Authentic Bhutan Tour, a certified and leading Bhutan tour operator that has many years of experience offering Bhutan tours including festivals tours in Bhutan, spiritual tour, cultural tour in Bhutan, trekking tours, Eastern Bhutan tour and bird watching tours among others. Our each & every travel itinerary is designed to offer tourists the chance to explore the untouched splendor of Bhutan.  Regardless of whether you’re traveling individually or in group, we have the best Bhutan travel packages ready for you.

Our Vision:

As a leading tour operator in Bhutan, we always try to meet new people, exchange our knowledge, and of course learn from one another. We believe that learning from other cultures is the best way to develop a peaceful world. Without any doubt, Bhutan & its exceptional folk have a lot to show, to share, to teach and learn.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make your Bhutan trip/travel as unique and precious as the trinkets clasped in the claws of the Thunder Dragon. And we take responsibility to make your every dream come true in this beautiful country. Exploration of popular sites, hidden treasures, and world famous monasteries – your Bhutan holiday will be an unsurpassed experience with us. Our team features a group of travel professionals, who’re seasoned campaigners in the tourism industry in their own rights. They’re always prepared to assist you in designing your dream Bhutan travel itinerary, personalizing a travel package & executing it on the ground. From keeping your foot in Bhutan to your departure, we as one of the most reliable tour operators in Bhutan will make sure you’ve safe & enjoyable travel experience.

Get The Best Travel Guide For Your Bhutan Trip:

We’ve a team of experienced, highly skilled and friendly multilingual tour guides who’ll help every tourist to relish an incredible Bhutan tour/travel with a group of friends, family or individual. Our tour guides possess a profound knowledge of Bhutan’s history, culture, topography, tradition, religion, and the communities in diverse areas.

We’re a Tripadvisor Certified Bhutan Tour Operator:

Do you want to see your Bhutan tour operator in TripAdvisor – the most reliable platform to find travel related reviews? If yes, then we are the Bhutan tour operator to trust. Here you can see most our clients have left their positive comments about our services as a tour operator. Though there are few negative reviews as well, but we don’t care about them because we know what we are and our huge client base says it all.

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