Festival Tours in Bhutan

Festival Tours

Bhutan Festival Tours offers you the opportunity to enter the window to see and enjoy wide range of colorful, magnificent and magical festivals that is celebrated in throughout Bhutan. Festivals are held in all districts on auspicious days and months in the Bhutanese calendar. Tshechu is one significant event being celebrated annually in the honors of Guru Rinpoche, who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan in 8th century.

Colorful mask dances, rituals and folk music are all important parts of Festival Tours of Bhutan. Festival tour are not just the source of enjoyment and leisure, but also play a significant role in preserving and promoting Bhutan’s unique culture and traditions in ensuring its sovereignty.

This is the time of year where people get together, socialize, offer prayer and respect, and celebrate life to lead the path of eternal peace and harmony. The crowd fills the dazzling array of colors and booming music and dances, and the air fill with laughter and praise. It is a joyful day for minds, hearts and souls. The spirit of these unique, colorful and exciting displays of traditional culture attracted the entire eyewitness. It is a wonderful day to experience heaven on earth.

Authentic Bhutan Tour is here for you to introduce to the world of festivity. Make the best of your Bhutan festival tour, for it is meant for your leisure and recreation. So let’s take chance your first experience and one of your sweet memories!

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