Specialized Tours

When we talk of the specialized tours it refers to such tours that have personalized services. The tour also contains unique activities like weaving and camping. It offers tailor-made products and other services to suit personal interest. The tour also caters to the VIP services. These tours are fun-filled and full of excitement. One cannot stay away from the clutches of getting bored and anxieties if you undertake these specialized tours.

As per the client’s requirements and other areas of preferences, we would pre-arrange tours like weaving, biking, photography, botanical, inner wellness, wedding & marriage ceremonies, and rituals so on and so forth. So that you all can practically see and feel for yourselves. It would be a moment of glory and gratifying experiences for all our clients to be a part of these tours. This tour will definitely push you all in the realms of diversity and exclusive interaction with Bhutanese society in a meaningful manner once in your lifetime.

Main Features for Bhutan Specialised Tours are  personalized and tailor-made tours, VIP services to all our clients, excellent and contemporary vehicle fleet and many more. In this tour, your tours will be totally private luxury and superior tours. It will be totally personalised and unique activities to your Bhutan Holidays. Come and discover the magical Kingdom Hidden in the Himalayas.

Some of our Bhutan Specialized Tours are Bhutan Culinary Tours, Bhutan Weaving Tours, Gross National Happiness Tours, Bhutan Fishing Tours, Bhutan Camping Tours, Bhutan Photography Tour, Bhutan Walking & Hiking Tours, Bhutan Wedding Tour, Bhutan Retreat and Meditation Tour and many more personalised tours in Bhutan.