Bhutan Sports consist of Archery, Degor, Khuru, Soksum besides the modern games like Volleyball, basketball and football. The national sport of Bhutan is archery. High-spirited competitions, usually accompanied by a banquet are a part of all festive occasions. The archery targets are of wooden slabs of about

30 centimeters in width and are aimed at from a range of 120meters to 130meters. The archery contest takes place throughout the year.

Besides archery, our traditional sports include degor, in which a round flat stone is thrown at a target; khuru (darts), keshey (Wrestling), soksum (javelin) and pung-do (shot-put).

  • Khuru – It involves throwing darts outdoors with a target approximately 20 metres.
  • Degor- a sport from Bhutan in which a pair of spherical flat stones that are hurled at two targets fixed in the ground at a distance of about 20 meters apart.
  • Pungdo -a bit like shot put.
  • Soksum – javelin-throwing, and of course keshi -a lot like all around wrestling.

Today, most international sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, billiard and golf are also played with much enthusiasm.

Come and discover the traditional sports of Bhutan duirng your visit and you can definitely try and get the ideas of sports in Bhutan.