Exclusive Bhutan Tour Packages For Visitors Around The World

Rested in the Grand Himalayas, Bhutan is a small landlocked country that is also the last Buddhist Kingdom in the earth. With our customized Bhutan tour packages tourists not just relish a relaxing holiday at a pocket-friendly price but also get to enjoy its top-class tourist attractions, great shopping options, tasty food and vibrant nightlife.

Customized Tour Packages To Bhutan:

Our Bhutan tour is all about getting close to nature. Bhutan is also popularly known as “The Land of Happiness” because based on a global survey; it was found that the Bhutanese are the happiest people residing on the planet earth. Bhutan is truly a colorful, vibrant, hospitable and mesmerizing nation to visit. The culture, traditions, and spirituality exhibit so much harmony and peacefulness that it reflects on the travelers as well. Our Bhutan tour packages are customized in such a manner where the travelers get the chance to witness the various facets of this splendid nation.

Although it’s a pretty small nation with a populace of just seven million people & the whole nation spanning just about 47,000 square kilometers, it’s also one of the most profound countries when it comes to rich cultural diversity & heritage. This’s why there’s always strong importance on the conservation & promotion of the nation’s unique culture. And we believe that our cheap Bhutan tour packages will help protect & nurture the culture and assist the nation to protect its sovereignty.

Know The Best Time To Visit Bhutan:

Bhutan’s weather is remarkably variable due to the two aspects that persuade the weather which are the massive dissimilarities in altitude prevailing all through the nation & the effect of North Indian Monsoons which makes the weather volatile. However, the most favorable season to tour Bhutan is from October to December as these months are sunny & pleasant. Nonetheless, March & April are also apposite months to travel this nation when the temperature is conductive & valleys spills over with blossoming flowers. Fortunately, we’ve some of the finest Bhutan tour packages to suit your preferences, interests and also budget.

Keeping in mind the Govt policy of Quality Tourism, we’ve designed our Bhutan tour packages that introduce tourists to the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture wherever they go. There will be fascinating excursions to monasteries, temples, villages and different historical places giving a profound insight of Bhutanese culture. Feel free to surf through our exclusive tour packages to Bhutan and choose one that best suit your travel needs and budget.