Bhutan Tour Guides – Guides of Bhutan

Bhutan Tour guides have important responsibilities to fulfil with regard to how they interact with our tourists, how they promote the company and the country as a tourist destination. As guides, they represent not only themselves to the tourist, but also represent their company for which they are working, and to a great extent, our country-Bhutan. Therefore, we can say that they are the ambassadors of the company and the country. They are the first and last person to deal with our guests in the field. They are the main element in delivering the highest possible quality service to our visitors. Our guests will think or assume about our country, people in accordance to our guide’s performance, the knowledge and the services they render to them. For instance, if our guide’s performance is excellent and satisfactory to our guests, then they will have a very good impression to our country, people as a whole. All and all, it is the responsibility of the guides to make Bhutan as an ideal tourist destination.

Therefore to ensure to receive high quality and professional services, we provide well-trained, professional tour guide licensed holder to all our visitors.

Authentic Bhutan Tours take this as one of the most top priority in providing our services and hospitality to all our clients.