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Bhutan…Happiness is a place!

We make every place seem brand new to visitors. Happiness is the best treasure we share with the world. We simply create a home. Seek here an inherent and pure solace and lasting happiness. We help visitors cherish and create a memorable destination and lead nobler life.


A tailor-made Experiences.

We offer a good deal of most comfortable accommodation with the transportation, services of the guide, and others. You will also get a chance to stay in a local and experience in a Bhutanese Way – to experience first-hand experiences. We arrange everything accordingly to suit the visitor’s comfort and needs.


Exclusive and Sustainable Destination.

Bhutan is undeniably safe and stunning destination. You will come across non-stop exciting adventures, breathtaking places, colorful festival, friendly people and much more. You will have a rich and authentic experience on your trip in Bhutan.


We are a Reputable Tour Operator.

Looking for good travel experiences? If you are still unable to decide how and where to start your next trip. Check out here. We give most comprehensive travel information on routes, places, festivals, trekking and much more. We are always here to answer your questions.

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A small Himalayan Kingdom, Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayas & landlocked amid the world’s 2 most populated countries with Indian to the South and China to the North. With its well-maintained culture, immaculate environment, and a land of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan is no doubt one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world at present.

Plan your Bhutan Tour With Us:

Authentic Bhutan Tours have been in the Bhutan tourism industry since last 20 years and we are also accredited by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our Bhutan travel company is founded & managed by heavily experienced travel experts who’ve been working in this department from a long time. Equipped with a group of experienced professionals & well-established infrastructures, we’re committed to offer our clients with top-notch Bhutan travel experience. We offer personalized tours of Bhutan & take care of each detail so that you can concentrate on only relishing your Bhutan trip.

Let Us Create A Customized Bhutan Tour For You:

Rest assured that we can customize a Bhutan travel itinerary that best fit your interest. We prepare your Bhutan travel itinerary in synchronization with local travel experts & customize it according to your interest & time frame. Apart from usual activities, we can also instill some exceptional experiences into your travel itinerary: be it attending a local ceremony, traditional wedding ceremony, famous Tsechu festivals or a farm house dinner – we can add it all to your itinerary. We guarantee that all visitors will travel Bhutan at their own pace with enough time to explore major Bhutan attractions.

Responsible Tourism:

At Authentic Bhutan Tours, we’re committed to a practice of responsible & ethical tourism. Our policies & practices make sure that all our Bhutan tours are undertaken in an approach that’s socially & culturally acceptable and also environmentally friendly. All our travel guides are trained & certified by the govt to lead group tours. They’re intelligent, friendly and well-organized. They will take care of each detail of your Bhutan trip and are a crucial part of your tour. Each Bhutan tour package you choose from us is designed with travelers’ convenience in mind.

Specially Designed Travel Packages For Tourists To Bhutan:

We’re really happy to offer specially designed Bhutan travel packages for our valued customers. Regardless of whether you’re touring individually, with your friends or family members we’ve special tour packages to suit every budget and preferences. We’ve a wide range of tour packages ready for you such as Bhutan cultural tour, Bird watching tours in Bhutan, Eastern Bhutan tours, Bhutan trekking tours, spiritual tours, Bhutan festival tours and much more.

Feel free to get in touch with us now to make your
tours of Bhutan a memorable affair. 

Each and every component has vivid history against its cultural existence with interesting purpose and reason. Bhutan’s cultural identity is old enough to maintain its original form since its inception long time ago. They are still to date visible and practised despite modern development and interference. Every Bhutanese feels that it is their sacred obligation to uphold and preserve the values of our culture and tradition.

Therefore, Bhutan Cultural Tours offers our valued clients an exclusive journey into the realms of rich cultural ethics of the country.

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Bhutan Festival Tour opens the window to the different festivities and other local cultural rituals that are rampant in the whole country. One would actually be aghast at the sights and taste of such festivals.

During the Bhutan Festival Tours, our visitors are truly enchanted by the very sight of the beautiful dresses and performances. Each festival and celebration has its own reason and purpose where our guide can easily explain to our clients.

Festivals in Bhutan are rich and happy expression of its Ancient Buddhist Living Culture that many have come to admire and treasure it. Come and enjoy with the festivals of Bhutan.

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Many years ago, the country remained cut-off from the outside world and was too isolated. Yet, our ancestors maintained regular trade routes with neighbouring countries and regions. Bhutan Trekking Tour rediscovers these ancient trade routes and offers the valued clients the golden opportunity to explore the paths, passes and the place of shelter.

Even a common or a native Bhutanese does not have the privilege to cover all the routes or some have even not heard it about all. So, Bhutan Trekking Tour offers visitors those moments to walk through these routes. En-route to these trails one can see several types of landscapes and changing vegetation that illuminates one’s imagination and Bhutanese farmhouses.

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Due to developmental activities and blooming industries like Hydropower projects, habitats of birds are often disturbed. Bhutan Bird Watching Tour aims to provide visitors the places where beautiful birds are found in plenty.

Bhutan is the paradise for the bird watching tours of the world. There are many rare species of Birds in Bhutan.

One’s thought is completely lost at the sight of these beautiful and rare species of birds. No other places on earth could proudly match the beautiful natural habitat of birds as is seen in our country. The cries and sounds of these birds reverberate throughout the valleys, gorges and forests where one can have the feeling of atonement. Great Bird watching Tour Packages in Bhutan.

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Bhutan Textile Tour has access to information pertaining to different crafts and art works like weaving, sculpture and painting within various location and sites in the country. Therefore, we offer our visitors in visiting these places of interest.

There are different places where one can actually have access to places and sites of mass weaving and other traditional crafts. Bhutan Textile Tour takes every visitor to these places to get a touch and feeling of what is happening.

The Bhutanese textiles are rich, vibrant, colorful and a complex art and form an integral part of the Bhutanese culture.

Clients can get a view of how traditional dyeing is done to produce multiple coloured patterns for each type of material to be made. Therefore, Bhutan Textile Tour takes visitors to such places.

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Bhutan is swiftly developing its reputation as a premier destination for Adventure Tourism. Set amongst the majestic Himalayas our kingdom is the perfect location for all manners of exciting activities including Hiking, Trekking, Rafting, Kayaking, Cycling, Fishing and so on.
Whether it’s rafting and fishing down crystal clear, glacier-fed rivers or trekking through lush, virgin forests Bhutan offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers seeking adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored environment.

Adventure tourism in Bhutan is a mesmerizing token of gift and heart-breaking adventure Tours & Holidays in Bhutan.

All the necessary arrangements can be managed by our team of experts and well-trained staff, in all the adventure and exciting activities in Bhutan.

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The region of mixed culture, language and tribesmen, Eastern Bhutan Tour provides services like meeting these ethnic groups, interacting with them and exchanging views and opinions.

Easterners comprise majority of our country’s population with a wide range of beliefs and practices attached. Therefore, Easter Bhutan Tour offers our clients a window to exchange, explore and verify the existing facts that surround the regions. Eastern Bhutan Tour facilitates the clients to interview people of diverse section.

Although most of the landscape and terrain in the east are rough and mountainous yet the scene it portrays touches the sight of the visitors. There are numerous waterfalls, dense vegetation with a wide range of flora and fauna. One can come across the indigenous tribes called the ‘Brokpas’ and others who claim to have emigrated from Tibet. Eastern Bhutan Tour is well prepared to familiarize the clients in these subjects.

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Competing and able to raise it to international standard, these luxury hotels cater to every need from Internet services to inter-continental food items. Bhutan Luxury Tour offers the clients the best time to experience the facilities and service delivery of these luxury hotels. At the same time the clients can take an inner journey of these luxurious infrastructures and receive an appealing mood.

Visitors can have access to facilities like swimming, hot-baths and room heaters called the ‘Bukharis.’ Clients can feel at home and get peace.

In this luxury tours, we will be using the hotels like Aman Bhutan, Zhiwaling in Paro, Uma Paro & Uma Punakha, Tashi Taj Hotel in Thimhu, Termalinca in Thimphu and Le Meridian in Paro and Thimphu.

Authentic Bhutan Tours is a Premiere Luxury Tour Operator in Bhutan. We have a good relationship with all the Luxury Hotels in Bhutan. So send us your requirements and we will accordingly arrange for your luxury tour in Bhutan

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Unique Event


Bhutan Unique Event offers a unique package experience with multiple wilderness to explore in to distant uncharted Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Festivals in Bhutan are quintessential parts of Bhutanese lives. The localfestivalsare equally significant and culturally oriented like most popular festivals in cities but here with unique and seemingly diverse.

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FAM Trip to Bhutan


Authentic Bhutan Tours strongly believe that this tour to all our business partners or product managers of the company is very important to increase product knowledge of Bhutan and also an opportunity to experience the products’ first-hand information so that they can adequately sell or promote it to their valuable clients.

This is also an opportunity

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Specialized Tours


When we talk of the specialized tours it refers to such tours that have personalized services. The tour also contains unique activities like weaving and camping. It offers tailor-made products and other services to suit personal interest. The tour also caters to the VIP services. These tours are fun-filled and full of excitement.

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Upcoming Tours


Authentic Bhutan Tours will update and post every upcoming event like the festivals and other important occasions as and when it is about to happen for our interested and wishing clients as a result by which they would get enough time for preparation and planning. It would definitely help all our clients to plan accordingly for the visits.

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