Authentic Bhutan Travel takes the visitors to the realm of multiple exposures, adventures and a sigh of relief as if the person has reached to the seventh heaven on earth. Authentic Bhutan Travel also initiate to provide visitors the real taste of the existing daily lives of the Bhutanese in a close shot.

Authentic Bhutan Travel is filled with experienced personnel in the fields of guiding, tending and catering to the clients with utmost dignity and effectiveness. It consists of positive team spirit and creates a warm inter-personal relationship with the clients. We offer greatness in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of each client in the best possible way. All members are vigilant as well as co-operative

The beauty of our tour company is that we offer tailor-made and customized tours, which gives rich and authentic experiences and hospitality in Bhutan.

Latsly we cordially welcome one all for an unforgettable and memorable visit to this magical kingdom hidden in the Himalayas. We would like to thank one and all in advance for giving us an opportunity to showcase our culture, history, environment, people and most importantly the happiness of the country.

I wish you all success, peace and lot of happiness in your life.

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