Visit Bhutan as Bhutan is a fairy tale land of fascinating myths and legends where the ancient and the modern seamlessly come together to create a unique travel destination in the world.

Visitors are really touched by the unique ways of Bhutan that they have a hard time to reason out why they come to our country. Globally recognized as the last heaven on earth Bhutan tries its best to balance with modernity and fast track development besides not forgetting the rich values and customs that the country boasts of. Exterior features may change, however, inner wealth in the form of human values, dress, culture and others are preserved and protected strongly. The following are the reasons why everyone should visit Bhutan before it is too late.

  • Bhutan – Happiness is a Place on the Earth!
  • Bhutan is beautiful, religious and spiritual country with friendly people.
  • Bhutan is the home to some of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world. Our government prohibits mountaineering in the peaks, which we believe are the abode of god & goddess or deities & spirits.
  • Gross National Happiness – Bhutan’s guiding philosophy of Development.
  • Hot & Spicy Cuisine: Bhutan’s spicy and hot dish is supposed to be the hottest and spicy dish in the world. Bhutan is only country in the world where chili is not used as a seasoning but as vegetable.
  • A spiritual Haven on the Earth: The world is changing so fast, yet spirituality & Buddhism in Bhutan is still a way of life.
  • Bhutan has retained most of what other countries have lost already.

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