Lhuntse District

This Lhuntse district is one of the remotest districts of Bhutan, with population of about 16000 scattered across its eight sub districts. This district is known as the ancestral home of Bhutan’s royal family. This region is also boast as some of the most sacred sites of pilgrimage in the country, here this district. Lhuntse is famous for the exquisite Kishuthara famed and treasured as women’s kira all over Bhutan, come from Khoma Village.

In this district, we don’t have good hotels where our guests can make a night halt. However, Authentic Bhutan Tours with our sustainable tour policy, we have discussed with farmers in locality and come out with idea of home stay in Bhutanese Farm House. Traveling with us with not only give you an opportunity to explore this undiscovered region but you can also learn & experienced about this region with our in-depth knowledge of this area.

Guru Nangset Zileon Statue: The 157 feet Guru Nangsey Zilneon statue is the one of the tallest statue in the world. Seated on a 38 feet lotus located on a hill in Takila overlooking Tangmachu village in Menbi gewog, the construction took more than seven years. It was consecrated on 1st November 2015. This Guru statue is a prominent structure that is attracting many tourists, locals and serve as a pilgrimage site in Lhuntse district.

Gangzur Village

At a distance of two kilometers from the Dzong is the Gangzur village that is most popular for pottery. The women folk from the village are skilled artisans and adept in the art of pottery. You can witness the women folk displaying their skills.

Aje Nye trek

Aje Nye Trek is another pilgrimage site, it is a day’s trek to Phuningla passing through the villages of Domkhar, Phomodung, Tekhar and Dramthang. From Phuningla, it take one day to reach Aja Nye one of the sacred places blessed by Guru Rinpoche.

Khoma Village

Khoma village is located an hour’s walk from the main road to Lhuentse Dzong and is famous for its intricate woven cloth made of silk called Kishuthara (brocade dress). This village is known for traditional hand woven textile works. If you can visit this village, we can see young and old women in-front of their looms weaving different kinds of textile.

Dungkhar Nagtshang

Among the noble lineage to emerge from Kurtoe, the house of Dungkhar Ngatshang was home to Trongsa Penlop Jigme namgyel, progenitor of Wangchuck dynasty. Dungkhar Nagtshang is the ancient home of the Dungkar Choejie and the ancestral domicile of the Wangchuck Dynasty.

Kilung Lhakhang

Kilung Lhakhang is located at a twenty minutes drive from the Dzong towards Kurtoe Dungkhar. The inhabited here are called Tshanglas, who have migrated during the late 1880’s. Kilung Lhakhang is situated on a ridge overlooking the Kurichu River built on the former site of the Kilung Gyalpo, a regional chieftain. It houses the sacred chain mall once used to recapture a statue that miraculously flew away from the Lhuentshi Dzong.